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Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET)

Description: The Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET) provides atmospheric data on acid rain, tropospheric (ground-level) ozone and other forms of atmospheric pollution. Used in conjunction with other national monitoring networks, CASTNET is used to determine the effectiveness of national emission control programs. CASTNET has been operating since 1987 and is considered the nation's primary source for estimates of dry acidic deposition and rural ozone levels. Cooperatively funded and operated with the National Park Service, the network is comprised of over 70 sites across the eastern and western United States.

Mapping CASTNET data to Model Species
Compound CASTNet Species CMAQ Mapping REMSAD Mapping
Gaseous HNO3 NHNO3 (nylon filter) 2176.9*DENSa*HNO3 HNO3
Particulate NO3 TNO3 (Teflon filter) ANO3J + ANO3I PNO3
Particulate NH4 TNH4 (Teflon filter) ANH4I + ANH4J NH4S + NH4N
Gaseous SO2 TOTAL_SO2 2211.5*DENS*SO2 SO2
Particulate SO4 TSO4 (Teflon filter) ASO4I + ASO4J GSO4 + ASO4
Particulate NO3+SO4 0.29*TNO3 + 0.375*TSO4 0.29*(ANO3I + ANO3J) + 0.375*(ASO4I + ASO4J) 0.29*PNO3 + 0.375*(GSO4 + ASO4)
Total NO3 (gas+particle) TOTAL_NO3 ANO3I + ANO3J + 0.9841*(2176.9*DENS*HNO3) PNO3 + 0.9841*HNO3
a Air density obtained from MCIP outputs

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