Regional Modeling Center Workshop Agenda

Wednesday, January 28 through Thursday, January 29, 2004

Mission Palms Hotel, Tempe, AZ





The WRAP Modeling Forum is hosting a workshop provided by the Regional Modeling Center (RMC). The purposes of the workshop are:


      The RMC will review tools developed and analyses performed during 2003, and

      Representatives of the 5 RPOs will review and coordinate planned modeling inputs, deliverables, schedules, and technical approaches.


Wednesday January 28th


8:00 Welcome/Agenda Review


8:15 1996 Modeling Results and Discussion

SAPRC99 vs. CB4

Fugitive Dust


9:45 Break


10:00 MM5 Modeling Protocol (Zion Wang, UCR)

Initial Evaluation Results and Discussion (Ralph Morris, ENVIRON)


11:00 SMOKE Emissions QA results using interim 2002 EI + Discussion (Zac Adelman, UNC)


12:00 Lunch (on your own)


1:30 CMAQ 2002 Preliminary Model Evaluation Results and Discussion Gail Tonnesen,UCR

(additional results at:



3:00 Break


3:15 2002 Source Apportionment/Sensitivity Runs (Gail Tonnesen, UCR)

5:00 Adjourn for the day


Thursday January 29th


8:00 Overview of 2004 RMC Workplan

9:00 Review of Technical Approaches Used by each RPO

Questions to address in each 20-minute presentation:


      Modeling the same/similar inputs different ways + overlapping model domains

      Procedures/tools for model performance evaluation

      Treatment of boundary conditions

      Inter-RPO transport issues

      Expected differences in results for the same areas and time periods


RPO Presentations:


        MANE-VU Regional Modeling Update (Gary Kleiman, NECAUM)


         VISTAS Program (Pat Brewer)

         Model Results (Jim Bolyan)

10:00 Break


10:15 Review of Technical Approaches Used by each RPO, continued


11:30 Lunch (on your own)


1:00 Coordination of the 5 RPOs Modeling Schedules and Deliverables


2:45 WRAP-up & Next Steps


3:00 Adjourn