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Section 308 Results   -   Supported by: Western Regional Air Partnership

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Emissions Inventories for WRAP Air Quality and Visibility Modeling


Descriptions of datasets used in compiling emissions inventories (EI) in support of air quality and visibility modeling are organized into the following tables.  Table 1 includes the most recent EI processing datasets and their QA results.   Table 2 lists the most recent EI datasets for CMAQ sensitivity cases.  EI datasets for CAMx are listed in Table 3.   Previously processed EI datasets are currently located in the archived session.  For more detailed information on emission inventories processing, please refer Chapter 2 of final 2005 report.  For further questions or comments, please contact Mohammad Omary.     



Table 1.  Most recent EI processing datasets.

Version Name (Spec Sheet) Description QA Plots Downloads
  2002 36km Base B MPE Case (Base02b) Emission Categories Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots Emission inventories and SMOKE scripts
  2002 36km Planning B (Plan02b) Emission Categories Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots  
  2002 36km Planning C (Plan02c) Emission categories used are the same as those in Plan02b except the speciation and temporal profiles of VOC and PM2.5 for Non Federal Range Land fires are changed. Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots  
  2018 36km Base C (Base18c); summer season Emission categories used are the same as those in Base18b except EGU emissions from non-WRAP states. Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots  
  2018 36km PRPa (prp18a)   Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots  
  2002 36km Planning D (plan02d)   Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots  
  2018 36km PRPb (prp18b)   Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots  
  2018 36km PRP CMV (prp18cmv)   Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots (under prp18b "all sources emission" QAs)  


Table 2.  Most recent EI processing datasets for CMAQ sensitivity cases.

Version Name (Spec Sheet) Description QA Plots
2002 Natural Emissions Case (base02nt) In this sensitivity case, we employ only “natural” emissions in modeling domain background air quality conditions by excluding anthropogenic emission sources. This is to provide the regional model’s “floor” for analyzing future control strategies and reasonable progress on visibility at WRAP region Class I areas.
  • Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots
  • 2002 Zero Windblown Dust Sensitivity (Base02b_NoWBD)
  • Dust Emissions Scenario Descriptions (doc)
  • Domain Daily/Monthly Total Dust Emissions (xls)
  • State Yearly Total Dust Emissions (xls)
  • Presentation of the results (ppt, posted 04/24/06)
  • 2002 Dust emissions plots (monthly and yearly plots; posted on 4/24/06)
  • 2002 Base A Small Fire sensitivity (base02a_12k  with all fires.  vs. no Small Fires) In this sensitivity case, all small fires of less than 100 acres woodland and less than 300 acres grassland are removed. This is to determine whether small fires have significant visibility impacts.
  • Post-SMOKE Summary QA plots

    NOTE: All CAMx and PSAT Source Apportionemt modeling used the same emissions data that were used in CMAQ. The emissions were first processed in SMOKE for use in CMAQ and then converted to the CAMx emissions format. The emissions data are identical for CMAQ and CAMx with the exception that CMAQ species were converted into CAMx species.



    Archived Emission Inventories


    Base18b 2018 Emissions

    Base18a 2018 Emissions

    Planning 2002 Emissions, Version D

    Planning 2002 Emissions, Version A

    Actual 2002 Emissions


    Descriptions of Datasets Used in Compiling Emissions Inventories

    Preliminary 2002 Emissions

    2002 Wind Blown Emissions

    2002 Ammonia Emissions

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