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Data Requests


The RMC is providing data sets and modeling products to the States and Tribes to support additional modeling studies as part of the Regional Haze Rule SIPs and TIPs. Priority will be given to requests directly related to the RHR. However, these data sets may be useful for other State and Tribal air quality modeling studies, and data sets will also be provided for those requests, as resources permit. To request data please send email to Tom Moore.  Downloadable data files/inputs/run scripts can be found here.


Download the RMC Data Archive Plan here. (DOC, posted Oct 10, 2007)


Agency Name Request Date Contact Info Data Requested Expected Delivery Date Deliverable
Status Compatible OS Transfer Media Total File Size
USDA Forest Service 07/05/07 Rick Graw 2002 MM5 36km Data soon ready to ship, waiting for funding account number to approve the shipping Linux IDE Disks (2)  
US-EPA Region-10 2/20/07 Robert Kotchenruther CMAQ deposition outputs for Base02b, Plan02c, and Base18b cases 03/02/07 Shipped Linux IDE Disk ~50G
North Dakota Dept. of Health 1/25/07 Steve Weber Processed CMAQ and SMOKE emissions outputs for Base02b, Plan02c, and Base18b cases in ND sub-domain 02/28/07 Posted on ftp site Any FTP transfer ~6G
CA Air Resource Board 10/24/06 Shuming Du 2002 MM5 12km and 36km data early 02/07 Delivered (AZ DEQ/TRC forwarded disks to ARB) Linux IDE Disks 700G
Colorado State University 10/11/06 Bret Schichtel Plan02b Fire emissions 10/16/06 Posted on ftp site Any FTP transfer ~20G
WY DEQ/TRC BLM Pinedale Anticlime EIS 9/19/06 Michael Newman CMAQ 36km 2002 outputs; 2018baseB SMOKE output; and 2002 12km MM5 data mid 10/06 Delivered (CMAQ and MM5 data were forwarded to from AZ DEQ; SMOKE data transferred via FTP) Linux IDE disks/FTP transfer ~500G
Arizona DEQ 9/11/06 Jie Yang CMAQ 36km outputs and emissions data late 09/06 Shipped Linux IDE disks ~860G
Arizona DEQ 5/18/06 Jie Yang MM5 36km and 12km data 6/8/06 Shipped Linux IDE disks 700G
Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes 5/03/06 Randy Ashley CALMET data sets for MT subregion, 2001-2003 early 06/06 Inputs posted on BART website Any HTTP/FTP transfer 18G
Montana 4/20/06 Diane Lorenzen CALMM5 Data sets for MT subregion, 2001-2003 test data by 05/15/06 Shipped Windows Firewire drive 20G
Nevada 4/20/06 Frank Forsgren CALPUFF datasets for UT/NV domain, 2001-2003 test data by 05/15/06 Posted on BART website Any ftp transfer for test data Test data: 7.4G
Idaho 5/31/06 Rick Hardy MM5 36km/12km late 06/06 36km Shipped Linux IDE disks 700G
Utah 4/20/06 Patrick Barickman 12km cmaq aconc; 12km emis by sector, 12km oil&gas emis input data 4/30/06 Shipped Linux disk/firewire cage ~100G
Idaho 4/20/06 Rick Hardy MCIP and CMAQ 12 km outputs (5 months of 2002); Data/scripts for running CMAQ with nested grids 5/30/06 Shipped Linux LaCie 1TB drive (PCI-X) ~660G
University of Maryland   Jeff Stehr MM5 and NH3 emissions data   not scheduled      


Download RMC visibility modeling input/data files


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